No workout routine is complete without some form of resistance training. Working your muscles against something else has numerous advantages for your body, and even some for your mind.

Helps Manage Arthritis: Many physical therapists use resistance training to help treat arthritis. The additional muscle mass provides better control over your hands and reduces pain levels.

Helps Prevent Injury: Resistance training builds muscles and strengthens the overall density of the bone. This means that you are less likely to break or fracture something after a fall. Your bones will be stronger, and they will have more a protective cushion around them. You are also less likely to fall in the first place when you have stronger muscles.

Puts You in a Better Mood: When you work your muscles during resistance training, your brain releases more endorphins than usual. These endorphins not only cheer you up during your exercise, they have a lasting effect. With a regular resistance training regimen, you will sleep better and be less prone to depressive episodes.

Prevents Deterioration:Once the body is fully developed, it starts losing around 1% of its strength each year, a statistic which goes for both bones and muscles. The best way to prevent this loss is to continue building bone and muscle density on a consistent basis, to make up for what is naturally lost.