There are many types of exercises you can do with your resistance band. Some are gentle and mild, helping to familiarize the muscles with a certain movement, whereas others are quite intense.

Front Squat: To do a front squat with your resistance band, stand on top of the middle of your resistance band. You will want your feet to be about a shoulder length apart. Hold the handles of the band, one in each hand, and bring them to the top of your shoulders. Then, squat down, letting the band contract. When you lift up from your squat, the band will expand with your movement, and add resistance to it.

Hip ExtensionsSecure the ankle strap around the ankle of your active leg, with the ring in the front. Stand 3 to 4 feet away from the door while facing the door, with both legs even (side by side). If necessary, place a chair beside you to use for balance. Keep your back straight, head straight and stomach tight. While keeping your active leg straight, push your leg back (10 to 12 inches), squeezing your buttocks.

Bent-Over Rowing: Stand in the centre of your band. Bend over slightly at your hips, but keep your knees bent so that your back remains flat. Grab the handles of your band on either side, and then contract your elbows so that your hands come all the way up to your waist. You should feel your shoulder blades coming together as you bend your elbows.

Lying Lat Pull: For this exercise, start by lying down in a flat position on your stomach. Anchor your band at a position a short length away from you and above you, such as a bed frame leg. Take the band with a handle in each hand, and pull it slowly over your head and torso, so that the handles come close to your hips.

Push-up: A resistance band push up is most easily done with a band that doesn’t have handles. Place the centre area of the band on top of your shoulders. Then grab each of the ends of the band and tuck them under your palms. Come up into a push-up position, letting the band stretch upwards. As you come down into your push-up, it will contract again.

Lateral Raise: Bring your feet apart, with one in front of the other. Place the centre of the band under your forward foot. Take one of the handles in each hand, keeping your palms facing inwards towards your body. Then, raise both handles at the same time, until your arms are spread out fully in both directions. 

Standing Bicep Curl: Stand in the centre of your band, taking a handle in each hand. Wrap your fingers around each of the handles so that your palms are facing forward. Then, bring the handles up towards your chest in a curling motion. Your hands should come close to your shoulders each time.

Kneeling Crunch: Anchor your band in a place high above you. Start in a kneeling position, facing away from the anchor. Take hold of each side of the band and bring your forearms in front of your chest. Then begin crunching your chest towards your hips. The band will stretch as you do so.

Standing Chest Press: For this exercise, your band should be anchored at about chest height. Begin by standing with your back facing away from the band. Take a handle in each hand and bring your hands up to your shoulders with your elbows bent. Step one foot slightly in front of the other to maintain your balance. Then, thrust your hands straight out in front of you, letting your elbows straighten as well.